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App Helps Disabled Select the Right Wheelchair

A new app helps people with disabilities choose the best wheelchairs for their needs.

A new app released by the United Spinal Association and developed in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh aims to help people with disabilities choose the best wheelchairs for their needs.

My Wheelchair Guide guides users through self assessment and wheelchair selection, taking into account factors such as health considerations and wheelchair features, including backrests, footrests, wheels, handrims, cushions and accessories. In addition, the app offers:

  • Wheelchair maintenance checklists
  • Wheelchair skills videos
  • Illustrated wheelchair parts guide
  • Note-taking capabilities

The free wheelchair app is available on both Android and iOS platforms and offers advice for both beginner and advanced wheelchair users.

More information can be found on the United Spinal Association’s website. You can also download the app flyer or view supplemental information, which includes detailed information about how the app works.


Brian Morris

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