10 Must-Have Walker Accessories

Walker accessories offer functional mobility that makes it easier to do the things you need while you’re getting around. But, how do you know which walker accessories would best suit you?

Below, we’ll list the most common walker accessories and key benefits, plus some of our favorite picks.

10 Must-Have Walker Accessories

Walkers come with a whole host of walker attachments that are constantly updated each year. If you use a walker or knee walker, you’ll want to know about all kinds of rollator walker accessories available. To help you narrow down your search, we’ll provide you with the top 10 handicap walker accessories.

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1. Hooks

Walker hooks are small metal clip hooks that conveniently attach to the rods on a walker. These hooks allow individuals to hold bags, clothes, or other hanging items for easy transport. Hooks are ideal for those looking to carry multiple items without putting pressure on their joints/bodies. We find that hooks are most beneficial to individuals who don’t have much upper body strength or need both hands to control their walker. 


  • Users can use clips with multiple walker types
  • Easily clips on without any hassle
  • Can hold anywhere from 0 to 15 lbs per hook

2. Back Supports

Back supports are generally helpful for spine injuries, bad posture, or those who suffer from back strain. If you’re recovering from an injury, keeping good posture is essential to proper recovery. 

Additionally, bad posture and slouching can put extra pressure on the joints and lower back, so correcting posture can help alleviate pain. When there is too much distance between the walker and the user, the lower back will arc and cause lower back pain. 

  • OasisSpace Heavy Duty Rollator – The OasisSpace comes with adjustable armrests and includes a thick comfortable backrest. The compact design enables folding and allows the user to navigate using 10-inch front wheels and 8-inch back wheels.
  • Medline Rollator Walker w/ Seat – The Medline supports 350 lbs and includes 6-inch wheels. The seat is fully padded and allows the user to rest when needed. It easily folds up and is easy to transport. There is also a storage bag under the seat, and the armrest is height adjustable from 31 inches to 35 inches.


  • Multiple sizes
  • Helps correct posture
  • Reduces pain
  • Comfortable to use

3. Trays/Platform Attachments

Trays and platforms can also be valuable accessories for those wanting to carry food or drinks from one place to another. Instead of having assistance for carrying any items, they can conveniently be placed on the tray. This provides more independence and reduces the need for multiple trips or assistance.

  • North American Walker Tray – The tray is plastic and includes a grip mat to prevent sliding. There are two recessed cup holders and raised edges to prevent spills. It fits most walkers with handlebars of 1.75 inches by 11.50 inches.


  • Helps carry food
  • Allows eating on the go
  • Provides the freedom to move food/drinks without the help

4. Lights

A light attachment can be attached to a walker to help improve vision. Lights can be a helpful accessory because they can help provide better lighting during early mornings or evenings. Light also can help the user see where the walker is and the objects around them. This prevents any accidents.

  • Life Mounts Universal Mounted LED Light – Mounts to all walker types and includes adjustable 360-degree rotation. The light is lightweight, shockproof, and water-resistant. It provides powerful CREE LED lights with three lighting modes.
  • See 4 Safety Automatic Walker Light – Compatible with walkers, rollators, and canes. The light provides a super bright LED light with an easy clip-on attachment. It turns on automatically and turns off if there is no motion or in well-lit areas. 2 AAA batteries power it.


  • Helps illuminate pathways
  • Provides vision of walker’s legs
  • It makes it easier to see in front of the walker

5. Bags and Baskets

A bag and a basket are ideal for carrying all one’s possessions on the go with them. Walker bags and baskets often have multiple compartments that allow users to organize items. This allows quick access when needing certain items and helps reduce pressure on the back. Instead of having the bag on their shoulder or back, it conveniently attaches to the front or sides of the walker.

  • Uncle Yang Walker Bag – features universal straps that fit all walker types. It includes multiple pockets with mesh lining pockets on the outside for quick access. The bag is machine washable and made from durable nylon material.
  • Drive Medical 10200B Walker Basket – the medical walker accessories are compatible with 1-inch folding walkers and is easily attached. The metal construction ensures that the basket will last. It includes a plastic tray at the bottom to prevent items from falling out. 


  • Helps transport items
  • Makes storage convenient
  • It can hold a wide range of objects

6. Phone Mounts

Phone mounts are a convenient way to transport your phone wherever you go. A phone mount for a walker attaches directly to the side of the walker, which provides easy access. Additionally, phone mounts come in all types of shapes and sizes, which ensures you’ll find one that works for your phone.

  • Deluxe Adjustable Mobility Phone Mount – specially designed for use with scooters, rollators, wheelchairs, bed rails, transport chairs, and knee walkers. It features a 360-degree swivel with a lockable joint. The one-button release is compatible with up to 5.5 inches in width phone types.
  • Mobility Phone Grip – The mobility grip can hold multiple phone sizes up to 3.5 inches wide. The holder also includes 360-degree rotation and comes with versatile straps. The straps can be attached to walkers, wheelchairs, and other types of mobility equipment.


  • Allows easy access to your phone
  • Compatible with all phone types
  • Carrying cases come in multiple designs

7. Coasters/Skis/Glides/Balls

Coasters, glides and balls can help a walker easily glide over the carpet, wood floors, doorways, sidewalks, etc. On top of that, attachments such as skis glide and balls come in different color options, making them easy for the user to see. 

  • RMS Walker Glide Skis – universally compatible with most walkers and includes two sets of glides. The ski glides are made from composite material, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The glides help minimize noise and prevent scratches on hard flooring.
  • Walker Coasters – The coasters are compatible with most walkers and include tool-free assembly. They glide effortlessly over carpet, tile, wood, and outdoors. The coasters are bright tennis balls yellow and are easy to see in all conditions. 


  • It helps prevent scuff marks
  • It makes it safer to move the walker on all surfaces
  • Allows easy vision of the walker’s feet

8. Cup Holders

Cup holders are a convenient accessory for any occasion. When using a walker, it’s hard to hold onto a cup, and trying to move one can throw a person off balance. If there is no one to assist you, then a cup holder can keep a drink in hand reach or help transport the drink from one location to the next.

  • Accmor Universal Cup Holder – This cup holder is compatible with all mobility equipment and is suitable for all types of bottles. It features a clip that clips onto the rods of a walker. The clamp features 360-degree rotation, and the materials used are environmentally friendly ABS plastic.
  • Tulimed Adjustable Cup Holder – features a lightweight design that clamps onto all walker types. It’s constructed using lightweight, durable plastic and includes a 360-degree swivel. 


  • Allows you to hydrate on the go
  • It fits most water bottle types

9. Pedometers/Step Counters/Distance Tracking Meters

Counting steps is crucial for someone who uses a walker because it helps determine fitness levels. For those with limited mobility, tracking physical fitness can help them recover or keep fit. Since using a walker is a bit different from taking one step, a step counter designed for walker use can give accurate results.

  • AmbuTrak Distance Tracking Device – The pedometer is small and clamps onto most walkers with 5-80 inch diameter wheels. It features a large LCD and runs on batteries.


  • Allows the user to track their steps
  • Accurately records each step taken with a walker
  • Enables users to stay healthy

10. Cane/Crutch Holders

If you enjoy switching between a walker and a cane, a cane holder can be convenient. The accessory attaches to a rod on the walker and holds the cane in place. When you need to switch, detach the cane and use it for walking.

  • NOVA Cane Holder – The NOVA snaps onto walkers with ⅞-inch tubes. Enables the user to quickly pop cane on and off of the holder. Secures the cane when moving and doesn’t block any part of the walker.
  • Alex Orthopedic Cane Caddie – The caddie easily attaches to any walker via velcro straps. It can hold multiple canes and is made from durable nylon material.


  • Allows the user to carry their cane
  • Cane attachments work with all types of canes
  • A convenient method to transporting cane 
  • Enables user to switch supports easily


A walker has various walker accessories for seniors that can help make being mobile on the go easier. We just listed a few accessories, but there are many different kinds out there. Overall, users can highly customize a rolling walker to help accommodate the user’s lifestyle. So, whether you have limited mobility or need walking assistance, you’ll have everything you need when you’re using a walker or rollator.

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