Best Handicap Shower and Bath Chairs for Disabled Adults

Find the best handicap shower and bath chairs for your needs.

If you or someone you know has begun encountering balance or mobility difficulties, it may be time to consider acquiring some bath safety products to deter falls or other severe injuries from occurring in the bathroom. 

From acquiring a shower bench for disabled individuals to handicap shower stools or handicap shower seats, safety enhancements to the bathing arena is a matter of the individual’s quality of life and independence. 

A prominent bath chair for disabled adults is one of the most essential aspects of maintaining that high level of bathroom safety while still permitting the individual to retain autonomy while bathing.

Who Should Use a Shower Chair?

With the vast amount of handicap bath chairs and handicap shower chairs to choose from, it can be confusing to narrow down which option is best for individualized needs. Handicap tub seats, at their most fundamental level, deliver increased protection while bathing—even more so than other options, such as grab bars or safety rails. This added security is highly beneficial for:

  • Individuals experiencing significant balance problems.
  • Individuals encountering weakness in the legs.
  • Individuals who have been identified as high risk for slipping or falling.
  • Individuals who are quickly exhausted. 

What To Look for in a Shower Chair

Given the vital role your shower chair will play in providing a safe environment for bathing and personal hygiene, it is essential to assess the different elements and features required to meet your individual needs. 

All-around Size

The shower chair’s overall proportions are vital to keep in mind when narrowing down your options. The shower chair will be virtually useless if it cannot fit inside your bathtub or shower.

Seat Size

Pay attention to the chair’s seat dimensions as well. It is essential to land on a shower chair where you can sit safely and comfortably.

Weight Capacity

Your shower chair needs to support your weight safely. Shower chairs can typically support anywhere from 250-pounds to 400-pounds hinging on the particular model you obtain.


Most shower chairs nowadays include height-adjustable legs; however, you will want to verify this before purchasing. Height-adjustable legs enable the user to modify the chair’s height to the most comfortable level.

Chair Material

Because you will be employing it in the shower or bathtub, acquiring a chair made of materials that can withstand regular exposure to water is crucial. Shower chairs assembled with rust-resistant materials like plastic, aluminum, or steel are extensively widespread and typically your best option.

Slip-Resistant Feet

Because shower chairs are consistently operated on a wet surface, you will want to ensure that your chair accentuates slip-resistant feet to assure that it remains sturdy and stable when you sit down.

Padded or Unpadded Seat

Shower chairs typically include either padded or unpadded seats. With the padded seat options, the surface has an additional level of comfort that may be integral if you take lengthy showers or are prone to skin tears due to sensitivity. Contrarily, unpadded seats are frequently less costly and are simpler to transfer on and off.

The Top 10 Shower Chairs for Disabled Adults

1. Vaunn Medical Spa Bathtub & Shower Lift Chair

The Vaunn Medical Deluxe Spa Shower Chair provides a comfortable and steady solution to safer showers for folks who may be at risk for falling or for seniors who experience difficulties standing comfortably while showering. This chair features a solid anodized aluminum frame, angled legs, and non-skid rubber tips. Its broad, contoured seat offers considerable support and promotes hygiene during use. The drainage holes easily allow water to drain, which reduces the risk of dangerous slips and falls. As an excellent all-around option, the Vaunn Medical Shower Chair focuses on being safe, sanitary, simple to use, and rust-resistant.

2. Medokare Shower Chair for Inside Shower

The Medokare Shower Chair with an extra-large seat delivers a steady and straightforward solution for any fall-risk individuals by accommodating seniors, people with disabilities, pregnant women, or people recovering from injuries that have caused standing to be problematic. This medical handicap bathtub seat accentuates a robust frame with angled legs and non-skid rubber feet that are both sturdy and reliable. The Medokare Shower Chair provides its users with that immediate sense of stability that makes showering a comfortable and altogether enjoyable experience.

3. Platinum Health Shower & Bath Chair

Platinum Health brings its distinctive HI-VIEW Blue shower and bath chair to visually enhance the user experience—unlike the old-style white or gray chairs that meld effortlessly into the background. This is particularly beneficial for both dementia and visually impaired users and aids in preventing slips, trips, and falls. Furthermore, the blue pads avoid staining and discoloration, which is a widespread dilemma with the old-style white and gray plastic chairs.

4. Platinum Health Revolution Pivoting Shower Chair

Not only is a swivel seat safer and more satisfying than a typical stationary seat, but this particular configuration keeps the chair from protruding too far into the bathroom—certainly far less than a conventional transfer bench does. Swivel seats tend to be more convenient for the user, and there’s no need to worry about cold or slippery hard plastic pieces like that of the more old-style bath chairs. The Revolution handicap tub seat is warm to the touch, comfortable, and slip-resistant. Its medical-grade polyurethane padding will never absorb any water, is effortless to clean, and assists in deterring any skin-tearing incidents from occurring.

5. OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair, 300lb Capacity

This OasisSpace shower chair is an essential aid for all those folks who have complications related to standing for extended periods or who face balance issues. This extra-wide shower seat is fitted out with padded handles and a backrest to render the procedure of standing and sitting as simple as possible. The capped, anti-skid legs and 300-pound weight capacity assist in making this heavy-duty shower the best option for individuals to feel comfortable and secure when showering.

6. Aliseniors Adjustable Shower Chair

The Aliseniors Shower Chair conjures up the ultimate experience in comfort and support for elderly and disabled people. Featuring a max capacity load of 500-pounds, this shower chair brings its users three adjustable settings ranging from 16.5-inches to 18.5-inches. The durable aluminum finish and rubber-tipped legs render this chair extraordinarily stable and anti-skid. At a total weight of only approximately six pounds, it’s easy to hoist around and maneuver whenever necessary.

7. Aquatec Ocean Ergo XL Shower and Commode Chair with Collection Pan

The Aquatec Ocean Ergo shower and commode chair is formulated with user comfort, autonomy, and dignity in mind. Remaining firmly rooted in the well-established Aquatec Ocean line, the Ocean Ergo shower chair arrives on the scene packed with a massive range of new features. These enhancements were specifically developed to make personal care activities easier for both the user and caretaker. Sporting a stable, stainless steel frame, the chair features transfer supports at the front to enable the user to posture themselves into a relaxed position. 

8. Drive Medical Whisper Handicap Lift Chair

This superior bath lift is perfect for adults who want to enjoy a calming bath unaided but require dependable assistance for ensuring bath safety. The two-piece bath lift features a straightforward assembly without tools and is manufactured to fit in both standard and deep soaking bathtubs securely. The Whisper Bath Lift accentuates a padded seat and reclining backrest, which are ergonomically composed to minimize physical exertion and maximize enjoyment while bathing. The narrow profile of this bath lift lowers to a depth of 2.3-inches for entry and can be raised as high as 18-inches  for seamless departing.

9. MOBB Premium Bathroom Swivel Shower Chair & Bath Bench

The MOBB Shower Swivel Chair is ideal bathroom support for people with diminished or severe mobility challenges. It’s a compact and mobile shower chair for disabled adults featuring a swivel-padded, modifiable bath seat. In fact, this aid is arguably the most effective adjustable shower chair designed to eradicate both falls and skin tears. In addition, the swivel element eliminates the necessity for hazardous tub entries typically triggered by stepping in and over the wall of the tub. Instead, the user merely sits on the chair with their feet outside the tub and, almost effortlessly, rotates their entire body while flinging their legs over the tub wall from a seated position. Additional features include a padded seat, removable armrests, drainage holes, and a 300-pound weight capacity. 

10. DMI Tub and Shower Chair with Removable Backrest

The DMI Tub and Shower Chair features a removable backrest and an adjustable seat. This bath chair efficiently improves the process of showering or bathing by eliminating the need to stand for long periods and enhancing stability while in the shower. This bath chair for disabled people is most beneficial for those most susceptible to slipping in the shower, as well as those recouping from surgeries or injuries. The seat adjusts from 16-inches to 20-inches in 1-inch increments, and drainage holes ensure hygiene remains a top priority. Sealing the deal is its rust-resistant aluminum frame and slip-resistant rubber-tipped legs. Shower with confidence, and maintain dignity regarding personal hygiene.

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