Essential Handicap Bathroom Accessories For Disabled People

Explore 25 types of handicap bathroom accessories that foster independence and personal dignity.

Just about anything done in the bathroom is a sensitive topic. As many disabled people know, there’s a fine line between getting the assistance you need and maintaining your dignity. Handicap bathroom accessories can help disabled people retain their independence – and their dignity – by facilitating bathing, grooming, and using the restroom. Our overview covers different types of handicap bathroom accessories you or your loved ones might find useful, plus a few of our favorite picks.

Who Can Benefit From Handicapped Bathroom Accessories?

Bathroom aids can help a wide range of people, both temporarily and long-term, including:

  • People with physical disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, or cystic fibrosis.
  • People with cognitive disabilities, such as down syndrome, dementia, or lower-functioning autism.
  • Senior citizens
  • People recovering from surgery or accidents

It’s essential to think through bathroom needs and routines to help identify which handicap bathroom accessories will be most beneficial to you or your loved ones.


  • What, exactly, do I need help with?
  • Do I need complete independence, or will I still need assistance with bathroom aids?
  • What is the bathroom’s layout? Will any given accessory fit my bathtub, toilet, or sink?
  • Is installation required? Will my current setup and construction support it? (for example, it’s good to make sure your bathroom walls can support grab bars)
  • Is ADA compliance required?

Types Of Handicap Bathroom Aids And Accessories

Which handicap bathroom accessories can help you the most? Here are different types to consider.

1. Grab Bars

Grab bars are toilet assistive devices affixed to the wall which provide extra support to enhance bathroom safety. They are mounted in various areas around the bathroom to lessen slip and fall risk. For those who find themselves in a higher fall risk category, such as the elderly, grab bars provide balance support, reduce exhaustion while standing, and supply a secure object to hold onto in case of a slip or fall. As far as handicap bathroom equipment is concerned, grab bars are amongst the most common and considered to be a staple commodity.

Our Picks:

2. Bathtub Rails

Bathtub rails serve an almost identical purpose as grab bars, only inside the tub instead of out by the toilet. If the fear of slipping or falling has prohibited you from taking a shower, then it is time to put a solution into place. Coupled with anti-slip bath mats, bathtub rails provide that sense of comfort and security you need to maintain a healthy, hygienic life.

Our Picks:

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3. Shower Stools and Tub Chairs

Shower stools and tub chairs unite comfort and safety in regards to adaptive shower equipment. If you do not necessarily need help getting in and out of the tub, but could use some assistance while the shower is underway, selecting the safest shower chair is significant. Although it provides less support and functionality overall, it is also less invasive than setting up an entire transfer system.

Our Picks:

4. Transfer Benches

Transfer benches bring tub chairs and shower stools to the next level. Undoubtedly, these pieces of equipment maintain their rank as one of the top necessities for shower aids for the elderly or any disabled adults. People want to be independent, so finding the best and safest way in and out of the tub is imperative. Nowadays, you can find these benches equipped with all sorts of features such as baskets for storing toiletries and clips to mount the shower wand.

Our Picks:

  • DMI Tub Transfer Bench and Shower Chair – this is an excellent choice for the simple fact that it gets you in and out of the tub safely on a slider. Plus, it is equipped with a safety belt, shower wand clip, and height-adjustable legs.
  • Moen DN7105 Home Care transfer bench – this bench promotes functionality, but it also boasts comfort and style. This bench can support up to 400 pounds and comes with all the bells and whistles, including a basket organizer for storing your toiletries. Not to mention – Moen’s lifetime guarantee.

5. Raised Toilet Seats

A raised toilet seat plays a crucial role in maintaining autonomy for disabled people or those with limited mobility. With the height of an average toilet seat being relatively low, it can be difficult or even impossible for some people to sit down or stand up safely. The distance is overwhelming, and in conjunction with grab bars, the two pieces of equipment make a remarkable safety duo.

Our Picks:

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6. Toilet Frames And Safety Rails

Perhaps you have been on the lookout for toilet frames that are not accompanied by an attached raised seat. These options are readily available, and you can go as simple or complex with whichever one you desire. There are free-standing options as well as toilet mounting options. It’s entirely up to you and what your needs may entail.

Our Picks:

  • Medline Toilet Safety Rails – this frame fits most standard toilets and gets securely installed between the toilet and the seat. Its aluminum frame can support up to three hundred pounds.
  • OasisSpace Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail – this free-standing safety rail is medical grade and supplies sturdy support. It spotlights tool-free assembly, adjustable settings, and corrosion-resistant aluminum rails.

7. Toilet Seats With Arms

If you are looking for a way to get rid of your toilet frame or safety rails, finding a toilet seat with arms might be the solution. These seats are typically raised and locked onto your existing toilet easily and securely. Armrests come either permanently installed or removable, depending on your personal needs.

Our Picks:

  • Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat with Padded Arms – this affordable and easily installed toilet seat brings safety and comfort to your bathroom. As far as toilet aids are concerned, this is the least invasive while still providing exceptional peace of mind.
  • Vive Toilet Safety Rail – safely sit and stand with these toilet seat arms that support up to 300 pounds. They fit all standard toilets and feature slip-resistant handles.

8. Toilet Stools

Toilet stools are designed to achieve a more squat-like posture while sitting on the toilet. This toileting aid promotes a more natural position by relaxing the puborectalis muscle, resulting in a quicker and fuller elimination – your colon will thank you! Just sit as you normally would, but instead of planting your feet on the ground, elevate them onto the stool.

Our Picks:

9. Wiping Aids

Wiping aids are extendable applicators that assist the elderly and the disabled to wipe independently. This toileting aid grasps the toilet paper and allows you to reach further, therefore cleaning yourself comfortably.

Our Picks:

  • FreedomWand Compact Kit – this multi-purpose bathroom aid is easy to hold and operate. Not only does it help you wipe effectively, but it can be used to grab other objects such as razors, sponges, and washcloths.
  • Juvo Toilet Aid – this wipe aid features an ergonomic handle and an easy to squeeze trigger, which locks the toilet paper in place.
  • Sammons Preston Toilet Paper Tongs – a therapist recommend this alternative to wiping wands, saying it’s easier to use and more thorough.

10. Bidets

Bidets are a broadly welcomed addition to your assortment of handicap bathroom accessories and for a good reason. By virtually eliminating the need for wiping, bidets drastically improve the cleaning process for individuals with a limited range of motion – and, because you are receiving a much more thorough clean from a bidet, the hazardous process of showering more often than necessary is prevented. So, bidets do not merely serve as a luxury bathroom accessory like many might believe. Still, they serve as a truly functional and innovative solution for seniors or those with disabilities.

Our Picks:

11. Bath Steps

Bath steps are modest bathroom aids used for getting in and out of the bath safely. When construction and remodeling the entire bathroom is not a viable option, and you are not quite in need of a whole transfer system, bath steps will be your best bet regarding handicap shower accessories. These steps come in all sorts of styles and can be accompanied by a handle if necessary.

Our Picks:

12. Rubber And Non-Slip Bath Mats

The bathroom can undoubtedly become a very damp and slippery environment, forcing an evident demand for a solution. Enter non-slip and rubber mats. When it comes to handicapped bathroom accessories, you should be sure not to let this essential item fall by the wayside.

Our Picks:

13. Handheld Showerheads

Handheld showerheads make all the difference when considering bathroom safety for the elderly or disabled. As far as bathtub assistance goes, it’s virtually an unwritten rule to have versatility and an easy to maneuver source of water. Handheld showerheads provide a practical solution to shower safety, and these days the options are readily available to fit all and any conceivable needs.

Our Picks:

14. Bath Lifts

Bath lifts have certainly earned their place in the upper echelon of bathroom equipment for the elderly and the disabled. A bath lift is powered and utilizes hydraulics which allows individuals to gradually lower or raise themselves in or out of the tub via remote control. When it comes to tubs for the disabled, the bathtub assistance you get with a lift is top-notch, but it can also lean more towards the expensive side of things.

Our Picks:

15. Walk-in Tubs

If cost is of no concern and you have the time and capacity to commit to a bathroom overhaul, then a walk-in tub might be the option for you. These tubs come with a door that swings in or out and allows effortless, stable passage into the tub by stepping over a shallow threshold.

Our Picks:

16. Shampoo Trays And Inflatable Sinks

If it’s only hair you hope to get fresh and clean, perhaps looking into a shampoo tray or inflatable sink is the way to go. When considering bathroom equipment for the elderly or individuals with physical disabilities, these nifty items could save you from a daunting journey to the hair salon. So, bring the salon home to you and get your hair care needs met safely.

Our Picks:

  • Home-X Hair Washing Tray. Shampoo Tray – this affordable option allows you to sit comfortably in your chair or wheelchair while your head is supported safely over the sink by a rounded neck opening.
  • Cehim Inflatable Shampoo Basin – this inflatable sink or hair washing basin brings portability and convenience to your bathroom assistive devices.

17. No-Rinse Shampoo And Body Wash

Are you in a hurry, or can you not summon the strength to go through with the entire risky shower saga today? Welcome to the extraordinary world of no-rinse shampoos and body washes. These products are exactly as they sound – no water necessary! All you are instructed to do is lather it on and wipe it away with a washcloth. Once completed, you will find your skin clean, refreshed, and odor-free. No-rinse washes are pH balanced and entirely safe for the skin. Get on with your day feeling fresh and clean, without the hassle!

Our Picks:

18. Easy Hold Nail Clippers

Although it may not be an immediate safety threat or cause to sound the alarms, taking care of your nails is an integral part of personal hygiene. This is as true for the disabled and elderly as it is for anyone else, the only difference being the methods to which we all achieve the same results. One of the biggest challenges disabled people and the elderly face are thick, hard-to-cut nails, battling against arthritic hands, and trouble reaching down to their toes. Fortunately, no stone has gone unturned in the world of handicap bathroom accessories, and there is a bounty of options available to get the job done safely and effectively.

Our Picks:

  • BEZOX Toenail Clippers – these clippers, made of surgical steel, come equipped with a long handle and a strong rebound spring. The curvature of the blade fits the natural curve of your nail, and its ergonomic handle delivers a firm grip.
  • Podiatrist Toenail Clippers – these clippers, which are designed to specialize in treating ingrown nails, are made of surgical steel and feature a large, easy to maneuver handle.

19. Cast Covers

A cast cover is quite literally what it sounds like – a cover for your cast. The cover provides a watertight seal and prevents your cast, bandage, or other wound care wrap from becoming wet in the shower. Additionally, these handicap bathroom accessories can be used outdoors in the rain or any other scenario where water or dirt is present.

Our Picks:

  • Waterproof Leg Cast Cover for Shower by TKWC Inc – #5738 – this cast cover is designed to fit anyone and is free of latex. It’s also reusable for up to eight weeks, and its easy application makes it perfect for those with disabilities.
  • 100% Waterproof Cast Cover Leg – the fact that you are wearing a cast is uncomfortable enough, so at least with this comfortable and straightforward cover, your shower routine will be less of a hassle. This cover is super lightweight, reusable, and completely waterproof.

20. Long-Handle Sponges

Long-handle sponges are the ideal tool when it comes to reaching all those hard-to-get areas, particularly for those who have limited mobility or other debilitating impairments. The significant objective here is to promote safe, easy, and independent bathing. There is no need to neglect your back or toes anymore; the long-handle sponge has you covered.

Our Picks:

21. Lotion Applicators

Lotion applicators are typically designed for use by individuals experiencing difficulties in the upper or lower extremities. Whether you experience dry skin or have calluses, these handicap bathroom accessories can take care of all your skincare needs within the comfort of your own home and without the need for assistance.

Our Picks:

  • Aquasentials Easy Lotion Applicator – this applicator is incredibly lightweight, comes with a headcover, and is perfect for applying lotion, sunscreen, or any other medical creams to may require.
  • Remedy Roll-a-lotion Applicator – if you are looking for a massage while applying your lotion, look no further than this applicator. The head features 19 massaging rollers, has an extra-long handle, and works well in wet or dry situations.

22. Tube Squeezers

Tube squeezers or dispenser aids are specifically designed to help those with a limited range of motion or restricted mobility extract toothpaste or any other ointment with ease. Not to mention, it ensures you get every last bit of product, significantly reducing waste. 

Our Picks:

  • XYKEEY Toothpaste Tube Squeezer – this easy-to-use tube squeezer works by simply turning the handle. It’s compatible with creams, lotions, and anything else you want to get out of a tube.
  • CORNERIA 2pcs Toothpaste Tube Squeezer – this premium quality squeezer can handle any plastic or aluminum tube up to 3-inches in width. Its practical, simple, and economically savvy.

23. Handheld Inspection Mirrors

These types of inspection mirrors make seeing the impossible, well, possible. Utilizing telescopic technology, these mirrors extend and shift angles to allow easy viewing of those problematic body areas. Whether you check for skin spots or diabetic neuropathy signs in your feet, these mirrors have your back.

Our Picks:

24. Foot Scrubbers

Washing feet in the shower or bathtub can be tricky enough for the average person, let alone the elderly or those with physical disabilities. Foot scrubbers are an excellent solution for cleaning feet and overall bathtub assistance. The last thing you want is for your feet to become a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, or fungus, so do yourself a favor and consider adding a foot scrubber to your list of handicap tub accessories.

Our Picks:

  • Meidong Foot Scrubber – with over one thousand bristles and its ability to suction cup to the floor, this scrubber will quickly get the job done.
  • BESKAR Shower Foot Scrubber with Pumice Stone – soften your calluses and remove dead skin with this scrubber’s built-in pumice stone. You will feel like you just left the spa after cleaning your feet with this one.

25. Portable Urinals

Portable or handheld urinals offer convenient and hygienic options for disposing of urinary waste – and yes, there are both male and female possibilities. The urinals for males offer discreet bladder relief on the go, and the female versions are typically designed to prevent leaks. Add one of these handicap bathroom accessories into your repertoire and forget the panic next time you have to go when you are on the go!

Our Picks:

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