25 Must-Have Wheelchair Accessories

These wheelchair accessories offer safety and convenience.

Wheelchair accessories are rapidly making life more comfortable and convenient for regular wheelchair users. Big-name brands like Drive, Quantum, Jazzy, Invacare, Quickie, and Mobility have been paving the way with innovative advancements in technology, leading to a safer and more luxurious ride through life. 

Why Should You Consider Wheelchair Accessories?

For people who use a wheelchair daily, discovering different ways to improve their quality of life is always welcomed. Something as simple as a great cup holder or tray table can make a substantial positive difference in daily living. However, why stop there? There are seemingly endless possibilities nowadays regarding wheelchair accessories that bring comfort and safety to wheelchair users everywhere. 

The ever-present demand for communication has made owning a mobile device almost unavoidable. Acquiring a specially designed wheelchair organizer solves the problem of where to safely and securely store all your personal belongings such as cell phones or tablets. There are even mounting brackets created for the sole purpose of rendering your devices hands-free. The possibilities go on and on, which is why we have compiled an extensive list of twenty-five must-have wheelchair accessories to make your next ride the safest and best one yet.  

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Types Of Wheelchair Accessories

Which wheelchair accessories could help you the most? Here are different types to consider:

1. Cushions

The first stop on our list is perhaps the most fundamental of all the wheelchair accessories available to users. Assumably even more critical than the essential comfort it provides its rider, an appropriate wheelchair cushion zeros in and addresses possible safety concerns. Selecting the right wheelchair cushion is vital to the rider’s experience and overall well-being. Unfortunately, the characteristics of wheelchair cushions are not universal and vary depending on the needs of its user. 

The two most important factors to consider when determining the right cushion are its material and shape. For example, a cushion fabricated of high-density foam is ideal for off-loading purposes and managing body pressure. If this sounds like the answer to your issues, look no further than the DMI Wheelchair Seat Cushion. On the contrary, a cushion formed with gel is likely the best option for reducing moisture build-up and regulating body temperature. In this case, we are really into the Everlasting Comfort Gel Memory Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion because it genuinely brings comfort and safety directly to the forefront. 

2. Leg Pads

Like cushions, wheelchair leg pads bring the user an added layer of safety and comfort. People with sensitive legs may become irritated by the metal frames that are typically found on the average wheelchair. By equipping the area with sturdy leg pads, the person is far less likely to experience discomfort from coming into contact with undesirable surfaces. Additionally, leg pads double as luxurious leg rests when the footrests are raised, which also helps to deter the legs from slipping off entirely.

Selecting a suitable wheelchair leg pad typically comes down to the size of the wheelchair and personal preferences. For a leg pad that is offered in various sizes depending on its user’s needs, including a broader size wheelchair, we love the NYOrtho Wheelchair Footrest Extender Elevating Pad. Check out the AliMed SkiL-Care Wheelchair Leg Rest Support for a more simple option. This leg pad is exceptionally hygienic and almost effortlessly secures to the wheelchair thanks to the addition of its all-new E-Z Clip buckles.

3. Cup Holders

Enjoying one’s favorite beverage is seemingly a luxury in life that is frequently underrated. Besides the mere fact that human beings all require adequate hydration, the satisfaction from a piping hot cup of coffee in the winter or a refreshing lemonade in the summertime is second to none. Cup holders offer a simple solution to the problem of transporting beverages when your hands are occupied tending to other matters such as pushing a stroller, driving a car, or riding a wheelchair.  

Selecting a wheelchair cup holder almost entirely comes down to personal preference. If you regularly get yourself a Big Gulp from the local 7-11, then a cup holder with a larger capacity would be the best option. For this, we love the Mobility Cup Holder For Adults because of its adaptability to the size of your drink. If enjoying a simple can of soda is more your speed, then something less bulky might be the reasonable option to save space. For this situation, we love the Accmor Cup Holder With Phone Holder because of its convenience to both store your drink and your phone. 

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4. Cane And Crutch Holders

For many people with disabilities or mobility challenges, utilizing a combination of a cane or crutches and a wheelchair is the winning formula. Nevertheless, maneuvering a wheelchair while simultaneously balancing crutches has proven difficult time and time again. As a solution, wheelchair cane and crutch holders have burst onto the scene, and bringing your cane with you on the go is no more than a problem of the past. 

For an entirely universal cane and crutch wheelchair holder, we love the Drive Medical Manual Wheelchair Cane/Crutch Holder because of its exceptional versatility and ease of installation. However, if simplicity is more your style and a cane is your primary walking assistant, we love the SP Ableware Cane Holder For Walkers And Wheelchairs; it simply clips on and off, making for easy use wherever needed. 

5. Oxygen Tank Holders

Perhaps one of the most necessary accessories for oxygen tanks enables the user to be mobile. Oxygen is one of life’s most basic elemental requirements. For those who require oxygen assistance and depend on a wheelchair to get around, having the ability to transport their oxygen tank safely is crucial for ensuring a high quality of life. 

Selecting the right wheelchair oxygen tank holder comes down to its ability to provide safe and easy transportation. For a versatile and secure option that will fit almost any size tank safely, we love the ZHEEYI Oxygen Cylinder Bag For Wheelchairs. The Issyzone Dual Oxygen Cylinder Holder will safely and securely transport your “D” and “E” oxygen tanks for those who need to travel with two tanks.  

6. Organizers

Having a dedicated space on a wheelchair to store personal belongings is a simple way to heighten the user’s experience. Instead of constantly worrying about dropping or losing glasses, phones, lotions, or other essential personal items, installing a convenient wheelchair organizer could be the solution for that much-needed peace of mind. 

Many wheelchair organizers hang right off the armrest, making access to personal belongings a breeze. We love the FINPAC Wheelchair Armrest Accessories Organizer for just this reason. However, it is hard to go wrong with this Double-Sided Armrest Pouch With Cup Holder for those who tend to lug around more oversized items such as tablets or laptop computers.  

7. Baskets

In power wheelchair accessories, baskets are perhaps the most well-known and fundamental attachment available. Wheelchair baskets provide a simple solution to transporting groceries, jackets, purses, or other large personal items. With a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from, selecting the right basket is typically a matter of personal preference depending on what it will be primarily used for daily.

We love the Challenger Mobility J900 Large Rear Basket for Electric Mobility Scooters and Power Wheelchairs for its classic look, spacious design, and tool-free installation. If you like having the convenience provided by a basket and desire an easy way to get it out of the way, check out this Folding Rear Basket for Pride Mobility Scooters & Powerchairs.

8. Bags

Like the little cousin of wheelchair baskets, wheelchair bags provide an easy and secure way to transport personal belongings. However, unlike baskets, many wheelchair bags offer even more protection for your items because of their covered nature and frequently water-resistant construction. Typically, wheelchair bags easily attach to the back of a wheelchair and essentially serve the same function as a backpack.

For a simple, water-resistant, and lightweight option, we love the DMI Wheelchair Bag. Additionally, this bag is machine washable and universally fits any wheelchair. Need a more prominent capacity option? Look no further than the ISSYAUTO Wheelchair Back Bag With Large Storage Space And Inner Pocket. With this strapped to the back of your wheelchair, you will easily tote around your laptop, tablet, books, snacks, and blanket wherever you go. 

9. Wheelchair Trays

Wheelchair trays are specifically designed surfaces that attach directly to the wheelchair. The main objective is to provide a secure table for various activities requiring a flat surface. This could be anything from eating a meal to getting work done on a laptop computer or tablet. Typically, wheelchair trays easily attach to the arms on manual and electric wheelchairs. On power wheelchairs, these trays can mount directly onto the center console.

A classic and highly durable option is the Jeelathy Wheelchair Tray Table with Cup Holder. We love this tray because it securely straps onto the arms and provides more than enough space for various activities. Like the idea of flipping your tray in and out of place whenever you need it? Check out The Aftermarket Group’s TAGAC010022 Wheelchair Half Lap Tray. This tray is there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. It is as simple as that, and we love it for that very reason.

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10. Phone And Tablet Mounts

Fumbling around with phones or tablets can be frustrating, especially for people who face hand and finger dexterity issues due to arthritis or other ailments. However, in the age of innovation, the solution here lies in dedicated phone and tablet mounting systems. Wheelchair phone and tablet mounting systems come in various styles, and selecting the right one generally comes down to personal preference.

We love the Mount-It! Tablet Pole Mount because of its universal nature and maneuverability. Essentially, this mounting system acts as a microphone stand and swivels around, allowing the user to customize the location of their device. If a phone is all you really would like to mount, however, we love the simplicity of the iTODOS Cell Phone Holder Mount Clip for Wheelchairs

11. Camera Holders And Mounts

Wheelchair camera holders and mounts enable wheelchair users to embrace their artistic side and share their love for photography with others. Typically, a wheelchair camera mount securely fastens to the arm of the wheelchair and aids in maintaining stillness while taking pictures.

We love the ALZO Wheelchair Camera Mount because of its sturdy nature and ability to handle almost any camera you attempt to attach to it. For a system that can practically attach to anything you can think of, the TOAZOE 11″ Adjustable Robust Articulating Friction Magic Arm Clamp Holder Mount Kit will have you shooting videos, taking pictures, and ensuring that you’re capturing every part of life that you desire.  

12. Fishing Pole Holders

Fishing is one of the great hobbies that still brings joy to folks almost everywhere. It’s a pastime that facilitates authentic bonds between families and friends that generally last a lifetime. For wheelchair users, a simple solution ensures that nobody misses out on the experience. Wheelchair fishing pole holders grip the pole and chair simultaneously while allowing the fishing reel to be operated with only one hand. Typically, these holders have a clamp with a large wing nut that securely fastens it to the wheelchair bar.

A great option is the SP Ableware Fishing Pole Holder for Wheelchairs because of its simple nature and ease of use. Similarly, another great choice is the Alovexlong Multi-Functional Fishing Rod Holder because of its universal nature and sturdiness. Either way, fish beware because you will be casting a line in no time.

13. Gloves

Users primarily wear wheelchair gloves for the simple fact of ensuring hand protection. For folks using a wheelchair, hands are seemingly even more critical than for a non-wheelchair user. Hands ultimately power the wheelchair, so keeping them in tip-top shape is vital for continued freedom and independence.

One of our favorite pairs to grab are the Rebo Wheelchair Full Finger Gloves because they are breathable, durable, and all-around stylish. However, If you prefer to keep your fingertips free, we tend to gravitate towards the Rebo Wheelchair Fingerless Gloves With Long Thumb. These provide all the necessary palm protection while providing freedom to your fingers.

14. Handcycles

Electric wheelchair accessories certainly have their place, and handcycle attachments bring this notion to a whole new level. The constant and strenuous task of manually propelling your wheelchair leaves users with less energy to enjoy as much of the day’s activities as possible. With a handcycle attachment, efficiency enters into a whole new realm.

The HULKWHEELS Electric Wheelchair Conversion Kit and Handcycle Wheelchair Attachment blends safety with high-performance power, and everybody will be on the lookout when you come rolling through. Ever thought you could transform your wheelchair into a motorcycle? Now you can with the Mustbe Strong 36V, 400W Electric Handcycle Wheelchair Attachment. The battery on this handcycle attachment easily detaches for charging, and the whole setup vastly enhances the idea of mobility.

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15. Umbrellas And Weather Canopies

Seeking protection from the rain on a stormy day or the blazing hot sun in the middle of August is a natural human desire. Umbrellas are the perfect way to achieve this protection and are an essential life accessory for almost everyone. For wheelchair users, utilizing an umbrella mount or weather canopy ensures this protection remains firmly in place.  For the most part, umbrella mounts are height-adjustable and feature a moveable joint allowing the umbrella to be adjusted according to the sun’s angle or direction of the rain.

We love the AlveyTech Universal Grip Umbrella Holder for Mobility Scooters, Power Chairs, & Wheelchairs because it covers all the basics and conveniently adapts to fit whichever type of umbrella you prefer. The TANCHEN Rain Umbrella Connector Attachment for Wheelchairs is also a stellar choice and will provide all the necessary protection from whatever elements you are facing.

16. Tire Covers

If wearing gloves all the time while cruising around in your wheelchair is not quite your cup of tea, perhaps utilizing wheelchair tire covers will solve your dilemma. Wheelchair tire covers are an excellent alternative to wearing gloves. They assist with grip and propulsion while incorporating a smooth finish and reducing the likelihood of injury.

We love the Wheel-Ease Rim Covers from AliMed for every reason listed above. However, the SXFYHXY Wheelchair Push Rim Covers are also a great choice because they significantly enhance the wheelchair’s function and feature high-quality construction and material.

17. Tire Pumps And Inflators

Having a convenient and easy-to-use tire pump readily available is extremely practical for wheelchairs because the entire operation hinges on its ability to roll around easily. Tire pressure plays a vital role in this process, and having the ability to inflate under-pressured tires on the fly makes all the difference in regards to the physical exertion required to keep the wheelchair performing at its optimal level.  

We love the ROOTKEX Portable Tire Inflator Air Compressor for its convenient ability to fit inside your wheelchair bag or basket. If you would rather not rely on a battery-operated pump, try the Inchant Portable Tire Floor Pump 120PSI High-Pressure Mini Air Pump. With this pump, there is no need to worry about battery life because it’s entirely manually operated. 

18. Ramps And Doorway Thresholds

A wheelchair threshold ramp is a safe and straightforward way to help wheelchairs cross over rough surfaces. They provide a sturdy, slightly-inclined platform to make it easy to cross over raised landings, doorways, or curbs. They can be used in doorways, small steps, or raised curbs.

We love the Rampit USA Tri-Bend Aluminum Threshold Ramp because it includes a lifetime warranty and will never rust or corrode while providing safe passage of doorway thresholds up to two inches. For an exceptionally portable option, check out the DMI Wheelchair Ramp. This dual ramp system is built to support up to 300 pounds on each ramp, totaling 600 pounds altogether.

19. Door Openers

Handicap door openers are low-energy, automatic ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) swing door openers that are operated in many ways. These door openers provide easy access for wheelchair pedestrians and people with other disabilities. Automatic door openers can be used by voice commands, motion sensors, pressing a switch stationed on a wall or stand, or even by an app on a smart device.

We love the Olide DSW120 Swing Door Opener/Closer because of its wireless communication technology and ability to be operated with a fob. For an option designed specifically for residential use, check out the Olide SW100 Electric Residential Swing Automatic Door Opener/Operator

20. Fall Prevention Straps

As the name suggests, fall prevention straps help to prevent potentially harmful falls from wheelchairs. While there are varying opinions on the use of wheelchair restraints, the risk of further injury is because wheelchair restraints are oftentimes misused, such as on disabled people who cannot remove the constraint without assistance. When used properly, these devices work magnificently to prevent injury or even death. 

We love the NEPPT Wheelchair Seat Belt Medical Strap because it is soft, comfortable, and not intended to be used as a full-on restraint. It can be easily removed by the wheelchair user when necessary. For a little added support, try the Fanwer Wheelchair Seat Belt which provides support for both the lap and the shoulders.

21. Safety Flags

A wheelchair safety flag is a bright-colored flag mounted on a pole and easily attached to the mobility aid. Most setups include mounting hardware so you can easily attach them to scooters, manual wheelchairs, and powerchairs. A mobility scooter safety flag is particularly handy when riding on busy sidewalks or in parking lots where cars have reduced visibility for pedestrians.

We love the Diestco Orange Folding Safety Flag because of its ability to fold below the wheelchair user’s head when not in use. Another great option, for its mere simplicity and effectiveness, is the Safety Vehicle Safety Flag 6′ 2 Piece Orange.  

22. Anti-Tip Devices

Anti-tip devices, or anti-tippers, are wheelchair stabilizers that prevent the chair from tipping over backward. Some anti-tippers can adjust their height, altering how far back the device will allow the wheelchair to tip. Almost all anti-tip devices are easy to install, and no modifications are typically required.

We love the Invacare Adjustable Rear Anti Tipper for Wheelchairs because of its versatile nature and the added peace of mind it brings when you know it is working to provide dependable protection. While the primary focus of anti-tippers is to prevent wheelchairs from tipping backward, there is also the concern of it tipping over forward in some cases. For this, we love the Safe-T Mate Wheelchair Front Anti Tippers

23. Vehicle Carriers

Having access to a handicap-accessible vehicle may not be feasible or affordable for everybody. With this in mind, wheelchair carriers have become an excellent way to make most vehicles more accessible. With the right carrier, wheelchairs can be stored and transported with ease. There are four fundamental styles of vehicle wheelchair carriers. These include automatic car-top carriers, bumper-mounted carriers, hitch-mounted carriers, and pick-up truck carriers. Selecting the best one typically hinges on individual needs and requirements.

A simple and great option to look at is the Luyao Folding Wheelchair and Scooter Carrier Rack with Hitch Mount. This is a relatively simple setup and can be easily folded alongside the back of the vehicle when not in use. If you are into something that has more of a power element to it, check out the Freedom Mobility Universal Scooter Lift Fully Automatic Platform Carrier – Standard Class III.

24. Seat Protectors

Seat protectors become useful when the wheelchair user is dealing with issues of incontinence. Rather than having to clean and disinfect the entire wheelchair seat itself in the case of an accident, wheelchair pads offer an easy solution that protects the chair and makes maintaining personal hygiene a much less daunting task.

We love the DREAMIEE Absorbent Washable Incontinence Chair Pad because it is washer and dryer compatible making for easy cleaning and reusing. We also suggest checking out the Americare Absorbent Washable Waterproof Seat Protector Pad which does the job well and comes in a variety of color options.

25. Wheel Lights

For those who want to put a little personality and style into their wheelchair, there is an entire market dedicated to bringing fun and flash to the wheelchair’s appearance. From wheel lights to rim spinners and spoke decorations, the possibilities and combinations of fun are limited only by imagination.

We love the Brightz WheelBrightz LED Wheel Lights – Pack of 2 Wheel Lights because of the vast amount of colorful lights available to choose from. Another viable option is the Activ Life 2-Tire Pack LED Wheel Lights with Batteries Included for a wheelchair wheel that really shows off a fun and inspiring personality. 

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