3 Must-Listen Disability Podcasts

Looking for disability podcasts by people who understand the issues you face? Disability Visibility, The Accessible Stall Podcast and Ouch: Disability Talk are all outstanding options. Let’s take a closer look at these three must-listen disability podcasts.

Disability Visibility

This podcast is truly amazing. If you’re not familiar with her already, this podcast is hosted by Alice Wong, who is a well-known disability activist. She’s the founder of the Disability Visibility project, which catalogs and maintains stories of those living with disabilities in the US. Wong was also a presidential appointee to the National Council on Disability, an agency that advises the president, congress and other federal agencies on disability practices, policies and programs. We told you this is a good one.

Typically a bi-monthly podcast, new episodes feature different guests and topics spanning from disabled entrepreneurs to discussing what it’s like to be deaf in prison. Another perk to this podcast? Transcripts are available for those with auditory disabilities. Check out the podcast here for more episodes and topics.

The Accessible Stall Podcast

This podcast is hosted by the lovable Kyle Khachadurian and Emily Ladau. Truly conversational, Kyle and Emily immediately feel like approachable friends that you kind of just want to hang out with. Dealing with their own versions of disabilities, they tackle the toughest topics head on and aren’t apologetic about it. They want the good, the bad and the ugly. The best part about this is that they don’t always agree, which makes for informative and entertaining episodes.

Topics can range from massive discussions like disability and privacy (a must-listen) to showering to accessibility needs when you’re traveling. Check this enjoyable podcast out here.

Ouch: Disability Talk by BBC

BBC launched Ouch to tackle topics some major news outlets aren’t paying enough attention to. One of our favorites? A feature with the creator of the #DisabledPeopleAreHot hashtag phenomenon. But it doesn’t stop there. Podcasts range from short 12-minute episodes you can listen to on a quick break to hour-long discussions about heavy-hitting topics like inherited disabilities. This podcast is the real deal. Take a listen to your next favorite episode here.

Courtney Cannon-Booth

Courtney is a content strategist with extensive experience in branding high-profile individuals and companies. She’s worked with industry leaders in advertising such as Unilever, Uber, and Snapchat, and brought together the largest influencers in digital for an (un)conference on Richard Branson’s Necker Island. Courtney began her career leading Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for one of the largest telecom companies in the world, curating partnerships with nonprofits including the United Way, YMCA, Big Brother Big Sister and more. When Courtney isn’t working, you can find her volunteering, training for her next Spartan Race, or seeking out her next adventure.

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